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Southwest Hotel Management & Hankamer and Associates Hotel Brokers has over 30 years' experience in marketing, developing and operating quality full service and limited service hotels. As Hotel Brokers, we bring our experience as Hotel Owners to the clients that we present, enabling them to maximize the value of their asset upon sale. Our experience, contacts within the industry and operational savvy set us apart from other brokerage houses which do not have this expertise to draw from.As a listing broker, SWHotel & Associates assimilates market and operational data to develop a full color package of a hotel property for presentation to pre-identified buyers from our database. SHM is a company which offers a full range of management services to the new or to the existing hotel owner. Our staff of professionals has broad experience in every aspect of new hotel development, acquisition, financing, operations, and disposition. To the prospective hotel owner, our company can assist in every phase of development, from product conceptualization to site selection, architectural planning, interior design, construction management, purchasing, staffing, and pre-opening marketing. For the existing hotel owner, our staff of specialists will develop and implement a businesss plan consisting of budgets, marketing objectives, cost controls, standardized purchasing, employee training, life safety issues, insurance claim control, and preventative maintenance procedures. Being hotel owners ourselves, we appreciate the importance of timely and accurate information as a means of protecting our investments. Our computerized accounting and data processing systems generate industry standard financial statements as well as productivity reports and comparative performance analyses. Our internally developed software provides budgeting and forecasting tools which allow our general managers to live within their committed business plans, and to follow his/her operating results on a day-to-day basis


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“The Pre-Opening Recruiting Gameplan You Need to Win”

Are you looking to secure the best talent for your team before the start of the season? If so, you need to read this article! In it, we will outline the key steps you need to take to make sure that your team is ready to compete from the start. By following these tips, you will be able to ensure that you have a strong roster that can challenge any team in the league.

Establishing a Pre-Opening Recruiting Strategy

Pre-opening recruitment is all about securing the best talent before the season begins. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Assess your team’s current roster and determine which players will be most important to keep.

2. Identify which players you would like to target and make sure you have enough information about them.

3. Get to know your players by attending games, watching videos, and chatting with them online.

4. Make your pre-opening recruitment efforts personal and interesting by using catchy phrases and clever stories.

5. Use social media to reach out to potential players and their families.

With a little effort, you can ensure that your team has a leg up on the competition from the start of the season.

Identifying Key Players to Target

If you are looking to secure a team that will have success this season, then it is important to identify the players that will have the biggest impact. When searching for these players, you should focus on those who have been rated highly on player evaluation websites. Additionally, be sure to communicate with them and their families during pre-opening recruitment. By doing this, you will create a winning attraction and ensure that your target players are the most interested in joining your team.

When making offers to potential players, do not be overzealous. Remember, you want to attract the best players possible, not scare them away. Furthermore, do not make any promises that you cannot keep. Just because you are offering a high salary does not mean that the player will be able to live up to expectations. Always be honest and fair with your targets, and you will be sure to secure the best talent possible.

Mastering the Art of Making Introductions

When it comes to making introductions to players, there are a number of different techniques that you can use. However, it is important to choose the right one for the situation. The following section will outline four different introduction techniques and how to use them.

The first introduction technique is the cold call. This is when you reach out to a player directly and make an introduction. Cold calls can be effective if you know the player well enough. However, they can also be risky if you don’t know the player well.

The second introduction technique is the personal call. This is when you make a call to a player and talk about something personal. Personal calls are usually more successful than cold calls. However, they can also be risky if you don’t know the player well.

The third introduction technique is the potluck dinner invitation. This is when you invite a player to a potluck dinner and make an introduction at the same time. Potluck dinners are a popular way to make introductions. However, they can also be risky if you don’t know the player well.

The fourth and final introduction technique is the targeted email. This is when you send an email to a player that contains information about your team. Targeted emails are often more successful than personal or cold emails. However, they can also be risky if you don’t know the player well.

Now that you know four different introduction techniques, it is time to learn how to use them in different situations.

When making a cold call, it is important to be prepared with information about your team. You should have a brief biography about each player on your team, as well as information about their skills and weaknesses. You should also have information about your team’s schedule and what games they will be playing that day.

When making a personal call, it is important to be confident and friendly. You should not give too much information away in the phone call, and you should avoid talking about negative things about other teams or players. You should instead focus on what your team can offer the player.

When potluck cooking for someone, it is important to have everything ready before hand. You should have enough food for everyone in attendance, as well as drinks and desserts. You should also have a menu item or two picked out ahead of time. Finally, make sure to invite the player at least two days in

Creating a Winning Attraction to Potential Players

When it comes to pre-opening recruitment, nobody knows the game better than the professionals. They’ve been doing it for years, and they’ll tell you that the key to success is maintaining a winning attraction to potential players.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your team stands out from the pack. First, be sure to develop a clear and engaging identity. This will help your team stand out in a competitive market. Second, make sure your website is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Third, make sure you have plenty of relevant content to share. And finally, make sure you have a well-executed branding campaign that supports your overall identity.

Each of these factors play an important role in generating interest and attracting top talent. By following these tips, you can put your team in a strong position from the start of the season.

Making the Perfect Pitch to Players

Finding the right words to capture a player’s attention is essential in pre-opening recruitment. When you are making your pitch, it is important to be clear and concise. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this:

– Start with an overview of the team and what your players can expect. Do not focus on the individual player, but on the team as a whole. This will help players visualize their involvement and how it will benefit them.

– Use terms that players will understand. Avoid using technical jargon or complex phrasing. Instead, use terms that are familiar and easy to understand. For example, talk about how playing for your team will “add value” to their lives.

– Be personal. Sometimes the best way to capture a player’s attention is to appeal to their emotions. For example, say something like, “I know this is a tough decision, but I believe in what you can bring to our team. Will you let me take you on a tour of our facilities?”

– Establish a rapport early on. It is important to build a connection with players from the get-go. This will make them more likely to trust your motives and open up to you. Try to make yourself legitimate and credible from the outset.

Effective pre-opening recruitment starts with establishing a clear strategy and knowing which players are most likely to be interested in joining your team. By following these guidelines, you are sure to make an impression on potential players and secure them as recruits before the season even begins!

If you want to be successful in your pre-opening recruiting efforts, you need to follow a well-oiled machine. By following our outlined steps, you will be off to a strong start and guaranteed to land some of the best players in the league!


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