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Southwest Hotel Management & Hankamer and Associates Hotel Brokers has over 30 years' experience in marketing, developing and operating quality full service and limited service hotels. As Hotel Brokers, we bring our experience as Hotel Owners to the clients that we present, enabling them to maximize the value of their asset upon sale. Our experience, contacts within the industry and operational savvy set us apart from other brokerage houses which do not have this expertise to draw from.As a listing broker, SWHotel & Associates assimilates market and operational data to develop a full color package of a hotel property for presentation to pre-identified buyers from our database. SHM is a company which offers a full range of management services to the new or to the existing hotel owner. Our staff of professionals has broad experience in every aspect of new hotel development, acquisition, financing, operations, and disposition. To the prospective hotel owner, our company can assist in every phase of development, from product conceptualization to site selection, architectural planning, interior design, construction management, purchasing, staffing, and pre-opening marketing. For the existing hotel owner, our staff of specialists will develop and implement a businesss plan consisting of budgets, marketing objectives, cost controls, standardized purchasing, employee training, life safety issues, insurance claim control, and preventative maintenance procedures. Being hotel owners ourselves, we appreciate the importance of timely and accurate information as a means of protecting our investments. Our computerized accounting and data processing systems generate industry standard financial statements as well as productivity reports and comparative performance analyses. Our internally developed software provides budgeting and forecasting tools which allow our general managers to live within their committed business plans, and to follow his/her operating results on a day-to-day basis


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The Secret to Turning a Hotel into a Highly Profitable Business

Do you have a passion for travel, but find it difficult to make the necessary investments? If so, then you may be interested in learning about turning a hotel into a highly profitable business. There are many ways to accomplish this, and the tips in this article will help you get started.


Many people turn to hotels for a quick, convenient and affordable stay. However, there are many ways to turn a hotel into a highly profitable business. For example, creating a unique brand and focusing on services and accommodations can both make your hotel stand out and attract more guests. Additionally, working with reputable travel agencies can help you maximise profits.

One of the most important things to remember when turning your hotel into a profitable business is to create a plan. By doing this, you can ensure that you are working towards your goals, and that you are not making any unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, always be aware of any tax implications that may apply to your business. By following these simple tips, you can turn your hotel into a highly profitable business.

Tips for Turning a Hotel into a Highly Profitable Business

There are many ways to turn a hotel into a highly profitable business. Some tips include creating a unique brand, focusing on services and accommodations, and working with reputable travel agencies.

To create a unique brand for your hotel, you should focus on services and accommodations. For example, you can offer unique amenities such as free parking, free breakfast, or free Wi-Fi. You can also focus on differentiating your hotel through its location or design. For example, you could make your hotel unique by being the only hotel in a certain city or region.

Working with reputable travel agencies is another key factor in making your hotel a profitable business. By partnering with these agencies, you can increase your reach and attract more visitors. They can help you develop marketing campaigns and market your hotel to specific target markets. Additionally, they can provide you with marketing research that will help you optimize your operations.

Tips for Creating a Unique Brand for Your Hotel

There are a few things you can do to create a distinct and memorable brand for your hotel.

1. Take advantage of your location and brand to create a distinct identity for your hotel.

2. Utilize innovative technology and creative marketing strategies to attract guests.

3. Create a website that is easy to use and features eye-catching graphics.

4. Promote your hotel through social media platforms, travel publications, and trade shows.

5. Stay ahead of the competition by continually expanding your offerings and improving your customer service.

Tips for Focussing on Services and Accommodations

It can be hard to make sure your hotel provides the best possible services and accommodations. That’s why it is important to focus on these two areas. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. One way to create a unique brand for your hotel is by focusing on the amenities you offer. Make sure your hotel has the best pool and spa facilities, for example, or offer unique dining options.

2. Another way to focus on services and accommodations is to partner with reputable travel agencies. These agencies can help you market your hotel and provide quality customer service.

By focusing on providing quality services and accommodations, you can turn your hotel into a profitable business!

Tips for Working with Reputable Travel Agencies

Choosing the right travel agency is crucial for the success of your hotel. Make sure to research different agencies and choose one that has a good reputation. Here are some tips for choosing the right travel agency:

-Look for an agency with a large network. This will give you more options when finding the perfect trip for your hotel.

-Check to see if the agency has a good history of providing quality services.

-Consider the size and scope of the agency’s portfolio. An agency with a large selection of trips will provide more options for your hotel.

-Be sure to ask about the agency’s pricing structure. Some agencies may have lower rates than others, but be aware that these rates may not be available on all trips.

-Be sure to ask about the agent’s experience working with hotels. Not all agents are familiar with what it takes to run a successful hotel.

There are many different ways to turn a hotel into a highly profitable business. Some tips include creating a brand that stands out, focusing on services and accommodations, and working with reputable travel agencies.


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