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Southwest Hotel Management & Hankamer and Associates Hotel Brokers has over 30 years' experience in marketing, developing and operating quality full service and limited service hotels. As Hotel Brokers, we bring our experience as Hotel Owners to the clients that we present, enabling them to maximize the value of their asset upon sale. Our experience, contacts within the industry and operational savvy set us apart from other brokerage houses which do not have this expertise to draw from.As a listing broker, SWHotel & Associates assimilates market and operational data to develop a full color package of a hotel property for presentation to pre-identified buyers from our database. SHM is a company which offers a full range of management services to the new or to the existing hotel owner. Our staff of professionals has broad experience in every aspect of new hotel development, acquisition, financing, operations, and disposition. To the prospective hotel owner, our company can assist in every phase of development, from product conceptualization to site selection, architectural planning, interior design, construction management, purchasing, staffing, and pre-opening marketing. For the existing hotel owner, our staff of specialists will develop and implement a businesss plan consisting of budgets, marketing objectives, cost controls, standardized purchasing, employee training, life safety issues, insurance claim control, and preventative maintenance procedures. Being hotel owners ourselves, we appreciate the importance of timely and accurate information as a means of protecting our investments. Our computerized accounting and data processing systems generate industry standard financial statements as well as productivity reports and comparative performance analyses. Our internally developed software provides budgeting and forecasting tools which allow our general managers to live within their committed business plans, and to follow his/her operating results on a day-to-day basis


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5 Proven Strategies to Increase Hospitality Income in the Southwest

If you’re looking to take your hospitality business to the next level in the Southwest, here are five proven strategies for increasing revenue.

Increased marketing efforts

One of the most important things that a hotel can do to increase its hospitality income is to invest in effective marketing campaigns. In order to reach potential guests in the Southwest, it is important to invest in costly marketing materials such as brochures, fact sheets, and social media posts. Additionally, targeted advertising can also be very effective in reaching guests who may be interested in your property. By developing a strong web presence and using all available marketing channels, you can ensure that your hotel remains top of mind for potential visitors.

Increased hotel occupancy

There are various strategies that can be implemented in order to increase hotel occupancy rates. One of the most effective is increasing marketing efforts. By advertising extensively, hotels can reach a much wider audience and attract more potential guests. In order to maximize the effect of marketing campaigns, it is important to target budget-conscious travelers as well as luxury guests.

Another way to increase occupancy rates is by reducing costs associated with guest turnover. This includes improving employee retention rates as well as reducing the cost of hiring new employees. It is also important to keep an eye on the average length of stay, which can be improved through targeted marketing and advertising.

In order to create an appealing environment for guests, it is essential to enforce stringent quality control measures. This includes ensuring that all aspects of the hotel are up to par, from the décor to the cleaning staff. It is also important to provide a variety of amenities that will attract different guests.

By implementing these strategies, hotels can increase their hospitality income in the Southwest.

Increased tourist spending

When it comes to boosting tourism spending, there are a number of things that can be done. Some of the most common strategies are improving the availability of affordable accommodations, developing new tourist attractions, and developing promotional campaigns that highlight the area’s unique features.

One way to improve the availability of accommodations is to develop new tourist attractions. By creating public spaces or areas that are unique and interesting, it’s possible to lure in more tourists. Additionally, developing promotional campaigns that highlight the area’s unique features can also help draw in more visitors.

Another way to boost tourism spending is through implementing aggressive pricing strategies. This approach can be particularly effective for small businesses that may not be able to afford more expensive marketing methods. As long as the pricing is fair, customers will be more likely to engage with your business.

partnering with complementary businesses can also be a successful strategy for boosting tourism spending. By working together, businesses can combine their strengths in order to create a more lucrative environment for all involved. This type of collaboration can be particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that want to grow but don’t have the resources to do so on their own.

Developing private events can also generate significant revenue for venues by drawing in larger groups of tourists who are more likely to spend money. By creating exclusive gatherings that are tailored to specific interests or demographics, businesses can capitalize on a captive audience.

Finally, optimizing space utilization can have a big impact on food and beverage sales. By strategically positioning fixtures and seating, it’s possible to increase the amount of foot traffic in your establishment. This approach can be especially useful when it comes to high-traffic areas such as restaurants or bars.

Increased private event attendance

When planning a Southwest vacation, consider hosting a private event at one of your hotels. There are many ways to make your hotel an ideal place for hosting a private event, and the sky is the limit! If you’re interested in hosting a private event at your hotel, be sure to speak to your hotel marketing team about what options are available to you.

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry, and the Southwest is a prime destination for visitors looking for a fun and relaxing vacation. In this article, five proven strategies for increasing hospitality income in the Southwest are outlined. Increased marketing efforts, increased hotel occupancy, increased tourist spending, increased private event attendance, and increased food and beverage sales are all strategies that can be used to increase your hotel’s overall tourism income. By implementing any or all of these strategies, you can ensure that your hotel remains top-notch and continues to attract new guests.

Increased food and beverage sales

In order to increase food and beverage sales, it is important to understand your restaurant’s environment. Factors such as the type of clientele you attract and the location of your restaurant can all have a significant impact on sales. Additionally, understanding trends in the food and beverage industry can help you create promotions that will be successful with your customers.

Understanding food and beverage inventory can also be important for boosting sales. Keeping an ample supply of high-quality beverages on hand can help keep customers happy and encourage them to return. Proper storage and handling of beverages is also essential in order to maintain their quality.

Creating a well- executed food and beverage strategy is essential for success. Familiarizing yourself with the menu and creating custom drinks for specific guests can go a long way in boosting sales. Additionally, teaming up with local businesses can help promote your restaurant and increase foot traffic. Ensuring that your restaurant meets the needs of your guests is key to increasing food and beverage sales.

Given the growth of the hospitality industry in the Southwest, it is important to maximize your revenue potential by following these five proven strategies. By doing so, you can provide visitors with an enjoyable and valuable experience, and increase your overall profits.


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